Commercial Awnings - suitable for all industries

Commercial Awnings - suitable for all industries - OpenSpace Living

We supply commercial awings from Weinor, an excellent addition to any business. Whatever the weather, it is possible to offer extra outdoor space, either for people to sit or to window-shop. It doesn’t just rain when you’re at home; the hot August sun doesn’t just beat down when you’re on holiday. This also happens when you’re out, and your customers will surely appreciate an awning which protects them from any weather condition.

Discover weinor commercial awnings-

commercial awnings - return on investment

A rapid return on investment for shop owners

commercial awnings - dirt and water repellant

Dirt and water repellent

commercial awnings - a wide range of colours

Wide range of colours

We offer commercial blinds and commercial canopy solutions for any business, whatever size your entrance or your shop window. And with our large, versatile range of material and fabric colours, you can rest assured to find a design to match your corporate colour range, or on the contrary, one that has a great contrast with your facade, thus attracting more customers.

Typically we supply to schools, pubs, restaurants, and all types of businesses. We have 100's of different colours and can match any corporate colours. All fabrics can be sign written with exact fonts and colours incorporating a company logo and name.

The materials used with our awnings are water and dirt repellent thanks to Teflon EXTREME® treatment. The range of colours we offer on fabrics are also spinneret-dyed to help retain the the original colour throughout use.

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