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At OpenSpace Living we have scoured Europe to provide you with the highest quality home enhancement products. In addition to our main products we offer a wide range of exceptional accessories that will provide those finishing touches you deserve.

Below you will find a selection of those that are available to you. If after browsing you would like more information then simply go the brochure request page and fill out our 1 minute form telling us which optional extra or extras you are interested in and we will send you a free glossy brochure by first class post.

Accessories from OpenSpace Living

Our Heating Systems

Here at OpenSpace Living we have come up with a special kind of heating which works in much the same way as the sun. A perfect accompaniment to your Veranda or glass room, our heating system 'Tempura' provides an extremely comfortable and lasting warmth so that you can use your OpenSpace Living structures all year round!

This ultramodern reliable and completely safe system provides full heating power only one or two seconds after being turned on, converting 90 to 95% of the electrical energy into heat.

Imagine sitting under your glass veranda or in your glass room on Christmas Day looking at the lovely snow while all nice and toasty!

Heating accessories from OpenSpace Living

Our Lighting Systems

Light is life – the right lighting is just what you need to create a cosy atmosphere for evenings on the patio.

The light bars Lux and Lux Design provide just the right light after the sun has gone down. They are colour matched and fit easily within the roof space.

The halogen spotlights can swivel (Light bar Lux), allowing you to match the lighting to your mood.

Our lighting systems can be fitted to a glass room, veranda, conservatory and sun awning.

lighting accessories from OpenSpace Living

Our Ventilation Systems

A beautifully balanced climate even on hot days is essential for a pleasant stay in your glass room.

When mounted at the highest point, the sliding roof window 'CW-Top DS' transfers the accumulated heat and used air to the outside – swiftly and easily.

gain, all our ventilation systems can be retrofitted without difficulty and can be combined with all our glass room, conservatory and veranda product ranges.

The window can be opened and closed by using the remote control.

ventilation accessories from OpenSpace Living

Our Remote Controls

Put your feet up, clear your mind and do nothing for a change!

That is, except for putting your finger on the Weitronic remote control unit to open the awning a bit further.

Or to dim the light from the light bar turn up the heat from the heating system Tempura a bit, or to activate the sun-wind-rain-sensor so that the awning will open automatically when the sun comes out or will close automatically when it´s raining or the wind gets too high.

remote control accessories from OpenSpace Living

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