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Supplies heat and improves quality of life in many outdoor and indoor areas. Our aim is perfect harmony between heat and light.

Our objective is optimum use of highly efficient future-oriented, infrared technology in heating. To achieve it, we focus on our customers and their individual needs. Our infrared radiant heaters convince customers with well thought out functionality, discerning design, and a long service life. They are designed to thrill and to make warmth an emotional experience.

Solamagic combines a stylish design with high efficiency heating. This design means that a Solamagic heater will compliment your outdoor d├ęcor, especially an awning. This combination means that you can enjoy your outdoor experience in the summer heat, and when it gets a bit colder simply turn on your Solamagic heater.

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The S1 combines energy efficiency, contemporary style and produces a best in class performance with the latest technology.

Suitable for wall, ceiling and masthead scenarios including indoor and outdoor applications with IP 44 protection.

Available in 3 colours: Black, White and Silver.


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